BW-500 | BW-1000

Barrier washer separates laundry room into two isolated zones , clean zone and unclean zone. The linen to be washed is loaded into the machine from unclean zone and the washed linen is unloaded from the clean zone so as to avoid cross contamination caused by one door in-out. It is an ideal washing equipment for hospital and hygienic laundries.  Suitable for clean-room industries and hospital laundry plant.

Controller :

  • The large touch screen with Chinese (English) operation interface, which ensures the dialogue between operator and the machine more convenient and reliable.

Air bag anti-shock device (BW1000) :
  • Smooth running and minimum shock thanks to the heavy-duty design and air bag anti-shock device.

Auto-correction device in the door :

  • Auto-correction is controlled by the proximity switch so that the door can be positioned accurately at loading and unloading position.

Inner door lock :

  • Double-bolt locking system adopted. With self-lock and anti-lossen functions. Operation is safe and easy.

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