Advanced technology of water treatment ——membrane biology reactor(MBR)

Main principle of MBR:

  • Both membrane-separating technology and biology technology are used in MBR instead of traditional cyclic activated sludge and routine filtration unit, which completely separates HRT(hydraulic retention time) from SRT (sludge retention time).  The high efficiency of separating solid from liquid makes water clean, in which there is almost no suspended solid or mud and holds back biologic infectant, such as large intestine bacillietc.  The water can be used as middle water directly after treatment.

Main character:

  • Combination of membrane-separating technology and biological technology .
  • Separating solid from liquid makes water clean, which can be used directly.
  • Membrane withholds animalcule in the reactor, making running stable and reliable as a result of complete separating HRT and SRT.
  • Impact –proof and burthen-resisting because of high concentration of animalcule in the reactor.
  • Withhold nitrobacteria, enhance nitrification as well as denitrogen and dephoshorization if running mode is changed
  • Long time SRT enhance decomposing efficiency of organic matter and realize long cycle mud-drainage .
  • Fully-automatic control by PLC controller.

Applicable field:

  • Middle water engineering of enterprise, restaurant, hosptital, office bulding, residence district etc.

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