XGQ-100CF | XGQ-100CFQ

  • Open structure makes repair and maintenance easier.
  • Touch screen makes operation easier with dialogic function.  Programable and multi-language available.
  • The diameter of loading door is larger, which facilitates loading and unloading.
  • It runs smoothly thanks to inverter adopted, and energy consumption is greatly reduced.
  • Pneumatic controlled water valves and steam valves guarantee the durable and good performance of the machine.
  • 4 speeds inset for high speed extraction, which can be selected according to different linen.
  • Upper suspension design reduces vibration at hi-speed.
  • Vibration is minimized thanks to the innovative spring installation.
  • New design for housing sealing system ensures the machine to get perfect sealing performance.
  • 2 degree of tilting backward during washing protects

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